60, 61, 62, 63 — Philosophy 101 (Four Short Dreams)

December 14, 2008


From K.

I dreamt that the birth of the universe was actually a game of pong with those blocks you gotta get rid of? That, but in reverse…


From E.

I’m in an elevator, tied to the ceiling and God (I somehow know it’s God) is poking me with a stick.  



From K.

I dreamed i was floating under the ocean near the shore… and the waves never crashed directly on me… i was rolling along with the waves. it was extremely peaceful and i felt cleansed after this dream. i have it alot. i think it’s gods way of cradling me, when im upset.



From M.

Just as I almost finished typing my special and cherished dream, something erased the entire text.
Maybe my dream wasn’t meant to be shared.

45 — Circles

December 8, 2008


hugFrom A.

I dreamt of you last night.

I was playing a video game while laying down. You came and lay next to me, played the video game with me.
Then, I’m not sure who started it, but we hugged. A glorious, lasting motion that deserves some holier term than a mere ‘hug.’ We held each other. And lay next to each other. And slept.
You smiled at me. A purer smile i have yet to see. There was no scorn. No cynicism. No lust. Just pure, unadulterated love.

And then I awoke to cold, cruel reality. Where we spin circles around each other each and every day. Where I ache for my dreams to become reality.

20 — It was All a Dream, Unfortunately

November 25, 2008



From E.

Last night I dreamt I divorced my husband and he moved out of our house.  It was one of those dreams that was so vivid that when I woke up I thought it was real and that he was gone.  When I woke up in the morning he wasn’t on the bed next to me and I thought he was gone.  And for a minute I was so incredibly happy and relieved until I heard him playing video games in the other room.