14 — Alcatraz Drowning

November 24, 2008

From G:

I dreamt I finally did it.  I moved to San Francisco like I’ve been wanting to for the last 3 years.  Drove cross country with just a thousand dollars and my guitar.  

I slept in my car by the water  When I woke up I wrote my name with a finger on the windshield and circled it twice.  I opened the door and stepped outside and the air felt so good against my neck.  

The fog was rolling in across the bay and there was nobody on the dock– I was parked on the dock somehow, at the very end of the dock. alcatraz-prison-picture3

I could see Alcatraz across the water and I could see people jumping off the walls of Alcatraz and swimming to shore and drowning.  Nobody was making it.  

I laid down on the dock and made snow angels, even though it wasn’t snowing.  

Everything felt perfect.