37, 38, 39, 40, 41 — 5 Short Dreams (Valentines Day Comes Early at YDJ)

December 4, 2008

From M.  

i dreamt that the boy i am infatuated with told me he loved me. he missed me. and that he would wait for me.

i hate reality.


From G.  

I dreamt that I waited for you outside your dorm room; still playing the waiting game with you even in my dreams. You saw me numerous times, but you completely ignored me and instead let “him” in as soon as you saw “him”. I dreamt I became a mere “second-class” friend when, not too long ago, I was once your one and only love.


From L.  

I don’t dream.  I never have.  Or if I do I don’t remember.  This website makes me feel defective. 


From C.

It’s valentines day.  I’m alone again and I’m cutting out construction paper hearts and taping them to all over my genitals.   


From G.

I dreamed about you dreaming about me.  

Goodnight.  Goodnight.  Goodnight.


34 — Ville Valo

December 1, 2008

Ville Valo

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ville Valo is frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM, who have released six studio albums and four compilation albums. They became the first Finnish rock band to achieve a gold record inthe United States. 

From M.  It started with my going to a store, like CD Warehouse or FYE. The store itself was dull in color with bright fluorescent lights, making it look like a discount department store. I was standing there, flipping through nameless, faceless CDs, when a commotion sounded from the back of the store. It seemed that I was the only customer inside the store, or at least the only that heard anything, because I was the only person to go back to see what caused the noise. The store had two doors in the back: one leading the outside, an emergency exit, and one leading to a storage area within, yet separate from the store itself. There were people toting instrument cases and other electronic equipment from the emergency exit into the storage room. Bringing up the rear were the band members. I was peeping from behind a CD display, trying to look interested in the display. Everyone was pretty much faceless, except for the last person in. He was Ville Valo, and he noticed me as I watched them. Chuckling, he opened the door to the back room and gestured to me to come inside.

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29, 30, 31, 32– Four Short Dreams

December 1, 2008

From L.  I dreamed my vagina was a lobster and it snapped at everyone.  No one would come near me.  Maybe this is a natural product of being a 23 year old Virgin.


From B.  I dreamed Britney Spears was Santa Claus.


From L.  In my dream last night I had hot sex with Jamie Lee Curtis.  She was a hermaphrodite.  


From P.  I had a nightmare that noone came to my funeral.  Like Eleanor Rigby.  I was in my coffin and I was so mad to be alone at my funeral.

26 – Special Education

November 29, 2008

From Z.  

This dream is hard for me to admit… I teach teenagers with special needs and lately I’ve been having dreams about having sex with my students.  Really, they’re more like nightmares.  At least once a week I’ll have one.  Sometimes it’s consensual and sometimes I’m being held down against my will.  One I really remember was one of the bigger kids in the class holding me down and calling me a “dumbass” or a “retard.”  This kid is kind of the class bully and he’s always out of line, calling other kids names and getting physical with them.  I know I’m supposed to be impartial but I really don’t like this kid.  I’ve had a few dreams about him.  Sometimes I get away from him and sometimes I don’t.  Most of the dreams take place in the classroom or somewhere else in the school (behind the bleachers, out back at the dumpster, in my car, etc.) 

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13 — La Vida Loca

November 24, 2008

From D:


I lost my virginity… to Ricky Martin?  What’s pathetic is that I was a teenager when Living La Vida Loca was a hit and I remember seeing the video and wanting Ricky to be my first kiss.  9 years have passed and NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED.

9 — Faster, Pussycat

November 20, 2008

From A.

I dreamt last night my girlfriend’s cat crawled into bed with us and tried to put the moves on me. I shoved it away but it kept coming. I kept thinking about that story in the Post about the guy who kicked his girlfriend’s cat in the head & that my girlfriend might wake up and I’d go to jail. I can’t look at the damn thing now.