33 — Three Legged Dog

December 1, 2008

hw71From S.  Last night i had a dream that my dog’s right hind leg fell off while i was taking him for a walk. He didn’t seem to notice and he wasn’t in pain. I was so horrified it looked disgusting, I ran home with the leg to show it to my friends and tried to desperately put it back on my dog. No one seemed to be concerned by it and they said that it was meant to fall off because he didnt need that leg and was happier without it. When I woke up and took him for a walk and someone walking by asked what’s wrong with your dog’s leg?…he wasn’t limping ..weird.

9 — Faster, Pussycat

November 20, 2008

From A.

I dreamt last night my girlfriend’s cat crawled into bed with us and tried to put the moves on me. I shoved it away but it kept coming. I kept thinking about that story in the Post about the guy who kicked his girlfriend’s cat in the head & that my girlfriend might wake up and I’d go to jail. I can’t look at the damn thing now.