52 — What To Do If You Swallow Glass

December 10, 2008


From J.

I’m at a party hosted by the family of one of my friends . My friend is the son and he has a sister. I am drinking out of a glass. I drop it down in the sink and pick it back up and drink out of it. I realize that part of the top of the glass is broken. I realize that I have some glass in my mouth and I pull out a large sliver. I swallow and am afraid that I have swallowed a small piece of glass. There is a vague pain in my stomach. I ask my host to use their computer to google what to do if this has happened. Their crazy old computer is near impossible to use. I can’t get it to type correctly using any of the three keyboards connected to it. I ask my friend’s sister to help. She messes with the incredibly complicated 3D keyboard to no avail. A girl I know (from high school journalism?) trips over my keyboard cord as I work on the couch. She is all right. Her family is there and is very excited about Obama.

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43 — Razor Wheels

December 6, 2008



From W.

The weirdest dream I’ve ever had:  my wheelchair has razor wheels and it cuts up the hardwood floor in my living room, the carpet in the den, the linoleum in the kitchen.  My mom is furious and she tells me to get out and go to school and not come back.  When I get to school everyone’s looking at me weird and saying my wheelchair looks stupid, so I speed down the hall where the lockers all are cutting off people’s feet.  There’s blood everywhere, a river of it, with feet bobbing up and down. I’m bobbing in the river and my wheelchair is floating away– I can’t get to it.  I start to go under.   I wake up so scared it was real.

35 — Lava Sidewalk

December 1, 2008

ja_1941From J.  I dreamed that my two brothers,my dad, and I were leaving my grandmother’s house. Only instead of a sidewalk, it was a elevated walkway that snaked back and forth above what appeared to be lava. My brothers and I walked in a single file line holding the backs of each others shirts. My brother in front of me walked off the edge and the brother behind me and I fell, as I was still holding the fallen one’s shirt. But I knew I couldn’t pull him up without pulling all of us down. So I let him go.

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18 — Spiders on the Carpet

November 25, 2008


From J.


Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte

(Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte)

I was downstairs  reviewing some newly arrived books. One was by Julia Roberts. I found that a little odd. My earphones and mp3 were being charged and they came a burst in flames. They then extinguished and no marks were left. Then as I continued to review books they burst a flames once more. This time the fire was more intense. 

I then left the living room and headed to my room and decided the clean the huge mound of paper tissues that littered my corner. I looked for a garbage and I found none but suddenly one appeared. It was black and circular. 

As I am filling my garbage I noticed the window because of the howling, screeching wind. I then decided to close it and do the same in the office next to my room.  

spider-house-on-carpet-in-london-england-closeup-6-dhd2In the office the upper half of the window was covered with dark hairy spiders of around 1 inches each. I rolled quickly to the window and close the window in a shift movement. I rolled back on this time I made the floor vibrate. 

I return to my room feeling disturbed by the number of spiders I saw. I looked for a towel. I turned on the lights and saw 3 spider coming in by the slit of my bed room door.

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15 — Sick Like You

November 24, 2008

From K:

In my dream I lived in a really modern apartment in some Mediterranean island with only my dad. We had a cabinet FULL of all the best kinds of candy and I would stuff myself full of it. My dad kept putting me down. He’d call me fat and make snide little comments about my weight. I ordered a vampire blood kit online, and


I thought it was just a joke kit. When it arrived it drank a small amount of the ‘blood’. I later read the instructions and it said that once I’d ingested the blood I would never need real food again and would never have an appetite for food again. I would just live on the blood. Despite this, I still ate the candy regularly and kept the blood a secret. The apartment I was in was continuously fazing back and forth into a department store but never settled. I looked out the window and saw that it was night time. Suddenly there was a loud bang and an explosion. I saw that a plane had crashed. Suddenly another plane fell from the sky. And then another and another… I asked my dad what was happening and he said: “The pilots are sick. They’re sick like you. So they’re falling from the skies.”


After the jump, an interpretation from www.dreammoods.com :

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10 — Unforgivable

November 24, 2008

From D:


It was the longest dream I ever had.  When I woke up I really thought a week had passed.  It was the worst week of my life:  everyone at work was mad at me and everyone at school was mad at me and my family was mad at me.  Everyone was irrationally mad at me and wouldn’t tell me what I’d done.  


Everyone just agreed, though, that I had done something unforgivable and my life was in shambles.  

8 — The Mall with your Parents is the WORST

November 20, 2008

From L.

I can’t really remember who was chasing me, but I think it was my parents, or people pretending to be my parents. I kept running up these crowded escalators in the mall and they just kept going, I must’ve been running for a hundred floors.

Finally I reached the skylight at the top of the mall and broke the window, thinking I’d climb up on the roof. The whole skylight shattered and rained down on the people below, on all the crowded escalators. They were all screaming and blinded and a lot of people were dead. I climbed up anyway and jumped off the building. I landed on a tree and hid in the branches.

I saw headlights scanning the tree and I knew it was them.

4 — I Don’t Care

November 19, 2008

From M:


My dream last night:


The dream is in black and white. I’m at the house that I grew up in, but I’m locked out. I go around to the backyard and into that alley. There’s a person standing there facing north, wearing a yellow hazmat suit (it’s the only colored thing in my dream). I go up to the person, and they’re holding a gun in their left hand.


They raise the gun up, and shoot me in the chest. It hurts, but doesn’t kill me. I walk back to the front of the the house and go next door. I ask the neighbor if I could use her phone and I call my mom. I tell her I was shot, and she says, “I don’t care”.

1 — The McDonalds Pregnancy Test

November 19, 2008

From K.

Last night I dreamt I took a pregnancy test and found out I was dying. I peed on the stick in the bathroom stall at McDonalds. I could hear the kids playing in the playground outside while I waited. They were really loud. Instead of a plus or minus the test came back black– I called customer service on my cell phone and they said it meant I was dying. I got excited because I thought it meant everyone would pay attention to me. But I called all my friends and no one even felt sorry for me. They all told me to stop being so self-centered and that they were really dissapointed. I called everyone in my phone. I dropped my phone down the toilet and left the bathroom. I went and laid down in the ball pit in the playground and sank. I was really comfortable and I didn’t want to wake up.