52 — What To Do If You Swallow Glass

December 10, 2008


From J.

I’m at a party hosted by the family of one of my friends . My friend is the son and he has a sister. I am drinking out of a glass. I drop it down in the sink and pick it back up and drink out of it. I realize that part of the top of the glass is broken. I realize that I have some glass in my mouth and I pull out a large sliver. I swallow and am afraid that I have swallowed a small piece of glass. There is a vague pain in my stomach. I ask my host to use their computer to google what to do if this has happened. Their crazy old computer is near impossible to use. I can’t get it to type correctly using any of the three keyboards connected to it. I ask my friend’s sister to help. She messes with the incredibly complicated 3D keyboard to no avail. A girl I know (from high school journalism?) trips over my keyboard cord as I work on the couch. She is all right. Her family is there and is very excited about Obama.

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21, 22, 23, 24 — Four Short Dreams

November 28, 2008

From L.

I dreamt my best friend was casting spells to make me fat so she would look better.

From R.

Last night I had a terrible dream, I was on a reality show like survivor only if you lost they actually killed you.

From C.

I had sex with Obama.

From R.

I dreamed was an actress starring in a new romantic musical comedy opposite Rosie O’Donnell and it was a huge hit!

From G.

I always dream the same thing:  you finally notice me.