67 — At Least Now You Can Have Me

December 23, 2008


From E.

So, in my dream I was with him and his girlfriend. However, his gf was paying no attention to him, so me and him were just hanging out and having a good time. He later confessed to me that he was tired of dealing with her and trying to make things work when she treated him poorly. I told him to do what he thought would make him happy – dump her or keep trying. Then all of a sudden all three of us were in a golf cart, and he dropped me off at the entrance of where gf lives and he told me to wait. He came back without his gf and told me “I dumped her and she didn’t even care…” so I responded, “Well at least now you can have me.” After an exchange of smiles, we decided to date, and then I woke up.

The very next day, they broke up. They got back together the day after, though

46 — The House That We Once Shared

December 8, 2008

From E.

Edward Hopper

In my dream I walk back into the house that we once shared and as if by magic, it is once again filled with laughter.
I walk in to the dining room and its packed with people. Some I know, some I don’t but I see you and our eyes lock. I get that feeling in my stomach. You know the one, where it feels like you’ve been punched and all of the air is sucked out of you?
I notice that dinner is being served and I am being asked by a stranger to take my seat. I sit across from you. Everybody is talking and we, remarkably, fall into easy conversation.
Then you start laughing. You laugh and you laugh, throwing your head back, as if you don’t have a care in the world. As if you didn’t abandon me. As if you didn’t abandon your newborn son. As if nothing ever happened and my hurt never existed.

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45 — Circles

December 8, 2008


hugFrom A.

I dreamt of you last night.

I was playing a video game while laying down. You came and lay next to me, played the video game with me.
Then, I’m not sure who started it, but we hugged. A glorious, lasting motion that deserves some holier term than a mere ‘hug.’ We held each other. And lay next to each other. And slept.
You smiled at me. A purer smile i have yet to see. There was no scorn. No cynicism. No lust. Just pure, unadulterated love.

And then I awoke to cold, cruel reality. Where we spin circles around each other each and every day. Where I ache for my dreams to become reality.