51 — Kdrama Massacre

December 10, 2008




From M.  

I dreamt of the Kdrama “Happiness”. There was a bonfire in the middle, the characters were surrounding it. One woman rubbed her hands together in a praying gesture, while the others looked up at the sky. Not very far away was a guy hidden next to the shed. He was looking at his love. Watching, not knowing some guys were approaching him with pitchforks and spears. I stood in horror as they jumped him, slashing, poking him. Then another mob came of the the shed he had previously hid next to and jumped him, tearing his body to shreds. The people at the bonfire resumed their cries to the heavens as the death of the young man lay unaware.

14 — Alcatraz Drowning

November 24, 2008

From G:

I dreamt I finally did it.  I moved to San Francisco like I’ve been wanting to for the last 3 years.  Drove cross country with just a thousand dollars and my guitar.  

I slept in my car by the water  When I woke up I wrote my name with a finger on the windshield and circled it twice.  I opened the door and stepped outside and the air felt so good against my neck.  

The fog was rolling in across the bay and there was nobody on the dock– I was parked on the dock somehow, at the very end of the dock. alcatraz-prison-picture3

I could see Alcatraz across the water and I could see people jumping off the walls of Alcatraz and swimming to shore and drowning.  Nobody was making it.  

I laid down on the dock and made snow angels, even though it wasn’t snowing.  

Everything felt perfect.