54 — Sharing a Smoke

December 10, 2008


From M.

I was running down the block when i realized that i should take bigger steps.  I started soaring into large gallops and could run as fast as I wanted.

_692930_smokers300I ran past my house, past the bridge, all the way to school. when I got to school, the inside was a giant walkway in which I walked along side my best friend, and he was smoking.

I told him to pass it, but he wouldn’t, and I got mad and yelled at him to pass it.  He still didnt so I threatened to smoke my own. He still didnt pass it.  I became so furious and sad that my friend wouldn’t even look at me, so I smoked my own.

He finished his smoke and asked for me to pass mine…so I did.

33 — Three Legged Dog

December 1, 2008

hw71From S.  Last night i had a dream that my dog’s right hind leg fell off while i was taking him for a walk. He didn’t seem to notice and he wasn’t in pain. I was so horrified it looked disgusting, I ran home with the leg to show it to my friends and tried to desperately put it back on my dog. No one seemed to be concerned by it and they said that it was meant to fall off because he didnt need that leg and was happier without it. When I woke up and took him for a walk and someone walking by asked what’s wrong with your dog’s leg?…he wasn’t limping ..weird.

25 – The Yellow Haired Girl

November 29, 2008


From M.


Johannes Kahrs

Johannes Kahrs

I had a dream where I was in the forest, there I found a yellow haired girl (not blond, but really bright yellow hair). She walked up to me and held my hand and began prancing about and pulling me with her. We somehow ended out of the forest and into an area, where I believe it was a school. I saw one of my classmates (in real life) there glaring at me, angry that I had somehow found a friend. He walked past me and into the forest with a couple of his fangirls.


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21, 22, 23, 24 — Four Short Dreams

November 28, 2008

From L.

I dreamt my best friend was casting spells to make me fat so she would look better.

From R.

Last night I had a terrible dream, I was on a reality show like survivor only if you lost they actually killed you.

From C.

I had sex with Obama.

From R.

I dreamed was an actress starring in a new romantic musical comedy opposite Rosie O’Donnell and it was a huge hit!

From G.

I always dream the same thing:  you finally notice me.

10 — Unforgivable

November 24, 2008

From D:


It was the longest dream I ever had.  When I woke up I really thought a week had passed.  It was the worst week of my life:  everyone at work was mad at me and everyone at school was mad at me and my family was mad at me.  Everyone was irrationally mad at me and wouldn’t tell me what I’d done.  


Everyone just agreed, though, that I had done something unforgivable and my life was in shambles.