18 — Spiders on the Carpet

November 25, 2008


From J.


Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte

(Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte)

I was downstairs  reviewing some newly arrived books. One was by Julia Roberts. I found that a little odd. My earphones and mp3 were being charged and they came a burst in flames. They then extinguished and no marks were left. Then as I continued to review books they burst a flames once more. This time the fire was more intense. 

I then left the living room and headed to my room and decided the clean the huge mound of paper tissues that littered my corner. I looked for a garbage and I found none but suddenly one appeared. It was black and circular. 

As I am filling my garbage I noticed the window because of the howling, screeching wind. I then decided to close it and do the same in the office next to my room.  

spider-house-on-carpet-in-london-england-closeup-6-dhd2In the office the upper half of the window was covered with dark hairy spiders of around 1 inches each. I rolled quickly to the window and close the window in a shift movement. I rolled back on this time I made the floor vibrate. 

I return to my room feeling disturbed by the number of spiders I saw. I looked for a towel. I turned on the lights and saw 3 spider coming in by the slit of my bed room door.

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17 — Falling Stars

November 25, 2008

From A.

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I was in.. New Mexico I think… someplace out West… very dry, landscape was spotted with sagebrush, and dark green pinon. I was in a white nightgown, and was on the second story of a two story structure. There was an exterior stairway, made of wood, and a bitpinon1ricketylooking used to get up into the second story. It was night. I was standing in an open doorway at the top of the stairs, looking out. It was very dark. Though I could make out pinon trees dotting out into the distance. I do not recall if I saw it start to fall, or if I went the doorway because I saw light in the window. Either way, I saw something burning, in millions of pieces raining down onto the arid landscape. I went down the stairs and run to the closest clump of whatever had fallen out of the sky. It looked black against the sandy soil.