65 — Waking Epiphany

December 20, 2008


people-woman-white-dress-6From L.

i dreamed of you
setting beside me in your car
you were gently holding my hand and looking into my eyes
you were smiling
you promised me that you’d never leave me
you kissed my hand
you made me feel so safe
…i woke up
then you did things that made me not want to dream ever again
i hate dreams now

60, 61, 62, 63 — Philosophy 101 (Four Short Dreams)

December 14, 2008


From K.

I dreamt that the birth of the universe was actually a game of pong with those blocks you gotta get rid of? That, but in reverse…


From E.

I’m in an elevator, tied to the ceiling and God (I somehow know it’s God) is poking me with a stick.  



From K.

I dreamed i was floating under the ocean near the shore… and the waves never crashed directly on me… i was rolling along with the waves. it was extremely peaceful and i felt cleansed after this dream. i have it alot. i think it’s gods way of cradling me, when im upset.



From M.

Just as I almost finished typing my special and cherished dream, something erased the entire text.
Maybe my dream wasn’t meant to be shared.

59 — M’s Grave

December 14, 2008


From E.

I dreamt that my good friend “M” died by falling down a flight of narrow stairs. But apparently he had a quick funeral and burial because the next day he was in the ground with grass regrown and I was at a job interview on this interview i was walking with my interviewer and we ended up at the cemetery at M’s grave and I just kept walking even though this was when I first learned of my friend’s death……I woke in shock

58 — Are You Ready?

December 14, 2008


From A.

I  dreamt last night I was in a room full  of people I did not know. six of them to be exact. And even with their wise faces, young and old I could feel the tension. Something was  off. something about me. And as i looked closer at the  faces of the strangers i saw they were those of native Americans. They were silent. Darting their eyes  around the  room at each other looking at me. I had nothing to say. I could not  speak at all. I just  tried to hide. I backed into a corner, the  room  was not that  big to begin with. they  could still  see me. I could see the door behind one of them, and i desperately  wished he would move just enough  for me to spring forward, open it and escape forever. but this gray room was stifling me. one of them finally walked up to me and spoke three words, ” Are you ready?”  

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57 — Snorting Floss

December 14, 2008


From P.

I had an itch inside my nose, but it was right at the back. I snorted a long piece of dental floss up my nostril and somehow got hold of it inside my mouth (I’ve seen it done on TV before but I’ve never felt the urge to try it – euck!)

Anyway, I was walking around in my dining room and kitchen, flossing my nose to try to get rid of the itch.

In my dream this seemed perfectly normal behaviour! I have no idea if it worked or not as I don’t remember any more of the dream…

56 – Upside Down

December 10, 2008


From R.

Dream Journal: Entry 1
on the outskirts of a lost highway,
(eyes trained on an upside down billboard)
snow burns my almostbare back,
hands bracelet my wrists.
i am silent.

my voice is stuck in my throat.

my heart stutters
as green taillights speed forward
daylight steals us from view.
they can’t see (save) me.

a monster licks its lips.

he exhales,
giving me time to wonder
why they’re driving

55 — Free Spirit

December 10, 2008

From S.


54 — Sharing a Smoke

December 10, 2008


From M.

I was running down the block when i realized that i should take bigger steps.  I started soaring into large gallops and could run as fast as I wanted.

_692930_smokers300I ran past my house, past the bridge, all the way to school. when I got to school, the inside was a giant walkway in which I walked along side my best friend, and he was smoking.

I told him to pass it, but he wouldn’t, and I got mad and yelled at him to pass it.  He still didnt so I threatened to smoke my own. He still didnt pass it.  I became so furious and sad that my friend wouldn’t even look at me, so I smoked my own.

He finished his smoke and asked for me to pass mine…so I did.

51 — Kdrama Massacre

December 10, 2008




From M.  

I dreamt of the Kdrama “Happiness”. There was a bonfire in the middle, the characters were surrounding it. One woman rubbed her hands together in a praying gesture, while the others looked up at the sky. Not very far away was a guy hidden next to the shed. He was looking at his love. Watching, not knowing some guys were approaching him with pitchforks and spears. I stood in horror as they jumped him, slashing, poking him. Then another mob came of the the shed he had previously hid next to and jumped him, tearing his body to shreds. The people at the bonfire resumed their cries to the heavens as the death of the young man lay unaware.

48, 49, 50 — Dogs Barking, Sasha Fierce, There’s No Crying in Power Rangers (Three Short Dreams)

December 8, 2008


From M.

Last night i dreamt that the gnome i gave you was returned to me while i was in the middle of eating heavily salted and buttered rice. I was then pushed into a pink plush chair and forced to listen to dogs bark.



From M.

I was on a roof of a building with my fellow power rangers. I was the pink ranger along with another. Monsters appeared out of nowhere and my teammates began fighting them off. I stood there on the roof with another girl blue ranger, we didn’t want to fight. We were scared to. When the fighting was over, the red ranger came up to me and wondered, ” You can’t fight?” I replied with, “Yeah.”

Out of nowhere he charged at me with the intent to hurt me. When he came closer, out of instinct I kicked at him, and he managed to dodge it easily. ” See, you can do it if you tried.”


From J.

First of all, I’m a dude.  You should know this.  I’m comfortable with my dudeness. 

That being said, I had a dream I was in a white room in a unitard.  Music played, and I was suddenly flanked by two similar looking guys in unitards.  We started dancing the dance from the Beyonce video– “If You Like It Then you Should Have Put A Ring On It.”

…and we fucking owned it.