60, 61, 62, 63 — Philosophy 101 (Four Short Dreams)

December 14, 2008


From K.

I dreamt that the birth of the universe was actually a game of pong with those blocks you gotta get rid of? That, but in reverse…


From E.

I’m in an elevator, tied to the ceiling and God (I somehow know it’s God) is poking me with a stick.  



From K.

I dreamed i was floating under the ocean near the shore… and the waves never crashed directly on me… i was rolling along with the waves. it was extremely peaceful and i felt cleansed after this dream. i have it alot. i think it’s gods way of cradling me, when im upset.



From M.

Just as I almost finished typing my special and cherished dream, something erased the entire text.
Maybe my dream wasn’t meant to be shared.

48, 49, 50 — Dogs Barking, Sasha Fierce, There’s No Crying in Power Rangers (Three Short Dreams)

December 8, 2008


From M.

Last night i dreamt that the gnome i gave you was returned to me while i was in the middle of eating heavily salted and buttered rice. I was then pushed into a pink plush chair and forced to listen to dogs bark.



From M.

I was on a roof of a building with my fellow power rangers. I was the pink ranger along with another. Monsters appeared out of nowhere and my teammates began fighting them off. I stood there on the roof with another girl blue ranger, we didn’t want to fight. We were scared to. When the fighting was over, the red ranger came up to me and wondered, ” You can’t fight?” I replied with, “Yeah.”

Out of nowhere he charged at me with the intent to hurt me. When he came closer, out of instinct I kicked at him, and he managed to dodge it easily. ” See, you can do it if you tried.”


From J.

First of all, I’m a dude.  You should know this.  I’m comfortable with my dudeness. 

That being said, I had a dream I was in a white room in a unitard.  Music played, and I was suddenly flanked by two similar looking guys in unitards.  We started dancing the dance from the Beyonce video– “If You Like It Then you Should Have Put A Ring On It.”

…and we fucking owned it.

47 — You Don’t Fit

December 8, 2008

From S.


43 — Razor Wheels

December 6, 2008



From W.

The weirdest dream I’ve ever had:  my wheelchair has razor wheels and it cuts up the hardwood floor in my living room, the carpet in the den, the linoleum in the kitchen.  My mom is furious and she tells me to get out and go to school and not come back.  When I get to school everyone’s looking at me weird and saying my wheelchair looks stupid, so I speed down the hall where the lockers all are cutting off people’s feet.  There’s blood everywhere, a river of it, with feet bobbing up and down. I’m bobbing in the river and my wheelchair is floating away– I can’t get to it.  I start to go under.   I wake up so scared it was real.

42 — Dream Cat is in ur Dreamz, ur lotusboobs, etc.

December 5, 2008

I can’t. Stop.  Dreaming.  About.  The Internet.  

I don’t really remember when it started but I’ve been dreaming about cat macros and funny cat videos and things I’ve seen on the internet.

I dream I’m watching youtube or looking at pictures of cats.

I dream I’m looking at postsecret postcards or posting to message boards.

Ever since I saw that picture of the lotus boob on postsecret I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I’ve been having a lot of dreams about it.  

The internet is all up in my dreams.

Lotus Boob and LolCats are what happens when I close my eyes.  

This all makes me think I might be a really vapid, boring person.

37, 38, 39, 40, 41 — 5 Short Dreams (Valentines Day Comes Early at YDJ)

December 4, 2008

From M.  

i dreamt that the boy i am infatuated with told me he loved me. he missed me. and that he would wait for me.

i hate reality.


From G.  

I dreamt that I waited for you outside your dorm room; still playing the waiting game with you even in my dreams. You saw me numerous times, but you completely ignored me and instead let “him” in as soon as you saw “him”. I dreamt I became a mere “second-class” friend when, not too long ago, I was once your one and only love.


From L.  

I don’t dream.  I never have.  Or if I do I don’t remember.  This website makes me feel defective. 


From C.

It’s valentines day.  I’m alone again and I’m cutting out construction paper hearts and taping them to all over my genitals.   


From G.

I dreamed about you dreaming about me.  

Goodnight.  Goodnight.  Goodnight.


29, 30, 31, 32– Four Short Dreams

December 1, 2008

From L.  I dreamed my vagina was a lobster and it snapped at everyone.  No one would come near me.  Maybe this is a natural product of being a 23 year old Virgin.


From B.  I dreamed Britney Spears was Santa Claus.


From L.  In my dream last night I had hot sex with Jamie Lee Curtis.  She was a hermaphrodite.  


From P.  I had a nightmare that noone came to my funeral.  Like Eleanor Rigby.  I was in my coffin and I was so mad to be alone at my funeral.

27 — 451289

December 1, 2008


a_day_in_the_parkFrom J.  It was a nice cool afternoon that day at my house in North Carolina, so I decided to go for a stroll down the nature trail that runs behind my house. I usually used my power wheelchair but that day I felt like getting a little exercise so I hopped in my manual wheelchair, grabbed my coat, and left my house. I started down the nature trail, going as slow as possible so I could just admire the flowers and bask in the tranquility and the peace of mind that nature brings to me. As I’m rolling along I see the grass move.

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21, 22, 23, 24 — Four Short Dreams

November 28, 2008

From L.

I dreamt my best friend was casting spells to make me fat so she would look better.

From R.

Last night I had a terrible dream, I was on a reality show like survivor only if you lost they actually killed you.

From C.

I had sex with Obama.

From R.

I dreamed was an actress starring in a new romantic musical comedy opposite Rosie O’Donnell and it was a huge hit!

From G.

I always dream the same thing:  you finally notice me.