11 — I Want You

November 24, 2008

From L:

I keep dreaming I’m in the


Army with you instead of safe at home and we are

Married and happy together, and we’re allowed to


Sleep in the same bunk, and go 

Out on missions together and in this dream Iraq is

Really temperate and nice and

Really safe and I never left


9 — Faster, Pussycat

November 20, 2008

From A.

I dreamt last night my girlfriend’s cat crawled into bed with us and tried to put the moves on me. I shoved it away but it kept coming. I kept thinking about that story in the Post about the guy who kicked his girlfriend’s cat in the head & that my girlfriend might wake up and I’d go to jail. I can’t look at the damn thing now.

7 — Asian Dream Girl

November 20, 2008

From K.

I keep having the same dream that I’m cheating on my girlfriend with a girl that looks just like her in every way except her race… her facial features, her haircut, her body, her voice, everything’s the same but her skin’s darker and her eyes are brown and I know she’s asian. I don’t know what this means and I haven’t told anybody. I’ve only ever dated white girls but it’s not been a conscious decision for me, it’s just kind of the way it’s always been.

One night in particular I dreamt that this dream girl wanted me to break up with my girlfriend for her. Her face kept shifting back and forth between the dream girl and my girlfriend and I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know who I’d be talking to. So I just kissed her and she got really mad at me. I kissed her again and she wasn’t mad at me. I can’t remember which girl I was kissing in the dream.