66 — Big Girls Don’t Cry

December 20, 2008



From C.

I once woke up with an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I was even crying and all because I sniped Fergie. Yes, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. For some reason, I was looking through a cross hair at this HUGE skyscraper. I shot at whoever was up there because I knew that it was my job to kill them. She was really high up and fell out of the window that I snipered her from. Then I’m in school, and my friend walks up to me and goes “did you hear?” and I was like “No, what happened?” and she goes “Someone shot Fergie” and I was bulldozed by this actual physical wall of pain and sad. I woke up crying and almost as if I had been beaten up by feeling so sad about sniping Fergie.

64 — Dreaming Epiphany

December 20, 2008


0603fash_pale10From J.

It was a maze filled with horrible things – creatures from hell, black crows and rats. I was wearing a silky dress which made me look much more pale than before. The sky was black, and clouds circled above as a massive thunderstorm erupt only seconds later. I was frantic, I was crying. And then, I saw him, and I ran towards him. Everything felt so real.

All of a sudden, I woke up, and my eyes were wet. I wanted to dream about it again, so I closed my eyes and almost back in a flash I was back in the dream…

I was in his arms, and he looked down at me as he smiled and touched my face. It felt so surreal this time, not the way he does to me everytime we meet. I felt so safe, and I fell asleep right then and there.

It was so perfect.

After I woke up, I called him and told him that I loved him.

46 — The House That We Once Shared

December 8, 2008

From E.

Edward Hopper

In my dream I walk back into the house that we once shared and as if by magic, it is once again filled with laughter.
I walk in to the dining room and its packed with people. Some I know, some I don’t but I see you and our eyes lock. I get that feeling in my stomach. You know the one, where it feels like you’ve been punched and all of the air is sucked out of you?
I notice that dinner is being served and I am being asked by a stranger to take my seat. I sit across from you. Everybody is talking and we, remarkably, fall into easy conversation.
Then you start laughing. You laugh and you laugh, throwing your head back, as if you don’t have a care in the world. As if you didn’t abandon me. As if you didn’t abandon your newborn son. As if nothing ever happened and my hurt never existed.

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