58 — Are You Ready?

December 14, 2008


From A.

I  dreamt last night I was in a room full  of people I did not know. six of them to be exact. And even with their wise faces, young and old I could feel the tension. Something was  off. something about me. And as i looked closer at the  faces of the strangers i saw they were those of native Americans. They were silent. Darting their eyes  around the  room at each other looking at me. I had nothing to say. I could not  speak at all. I just  tried to hide. I backed into a corner, the  room  was not that  big to begin with. they  could still  see me. I could see the door behind one of them, and i desperately  wished he would move just enough  for me to spring forward, open it and escape forever. but this gray room was stifling me. one of them finally walked up to me and spoke three words, ” Are you ready?”  

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57 — Snorting Floss

December 14, 2008


From P.

I had an itch inside my nose, but it was right at the back. I snorted a long piece of dental floss up my nostril and somehow got hold of it inside my mouth (I’ve seen it done on TV before but I’ve never felt the urge to try it – euck!)

Anyway, I was walking around in my dining room and kitchen, flossing my nose to try to get rid of the itch.

In my dream this seemed perfectly normal behaviour! I have no idea if it worked or not as I don’t remember any more of the dream…

56 – Upside Down

December 10, 2008


From R.

Dream Journal: Entry 1
on the outskirts of a lost highway,
(eyes trained on an upside down billboard)
snow burns my almostbare back,
hands bracelet my wrists.
i am silent.

my voice is stuck in my throat.

my heart stutters
as green taillights speed forward
daylight steals us from view.
they can’t see (save) me.

a monster licks its lips.

he exhales,
giving me time to wonder
why they’re driving

55 — Free Spirit

December 10, 2008

From S.


54 — Sharing a Smoke

December 10, 2008


From M.

I was running down the block when i realized that i should take bigger steps.  I started soaring into large gallops and could run as fast as I wanted.

_692930_smokers300I ran past my house, past the bridge, all the way to school. when I got to school, the inside was a giant walkway in which I walked along side my best friend, and he was smoking.

I told him to pass it, but he wouldn’t, and I got mad and yelled at him to pass it.  He still didnt so I threatened to smoke my own. He still didnt pass it.  I became so furious and sad that my friend wouldn’t even look at me, so I smoked my own.

He finished his smoke and asked for me to pass mine…so I did.

53 — The Starbucks Between Us

December 10, 2008


65007512_3e26edb89eFrom M.

“For the past few weeks I’m having a recurring dream of us meeting half way between our two cities. I’ll park and wait for you in the Starbucks parking lot, and wait. You arrive and we both get out of our cars and jump into each others arms. You’ve never been one to cry, but you bawl your eyes out and whisper in my ear how much you love me, how much you miss me, and how you never want to be without me again. You hold my chin up with one hand and with the other wipe my tears and kiss me. 

Then I wake up and remember how the last time we spoke, you told me you hated me and never wanted to speak to me or see me again. Distance and heart break are the worst pains I’ve felt in my life so far.

Every night I go to sleep, I hope I keep dreaming this dream. At least for some small time I won’t have to miss you as much.”

52 — What To Do If You Swallow Glass

December 10, 2008


From J.

I’m at a party hosted by the family of one of my friends . My friend is the son and he has a sister. I am drinking out of a glass. I drop it down in the sink and pick it back up and drink out of it. I realize that part of the top of the glass is broken. I realize that I have some glass in my mouth and I pull out a large sliver. I swallow and am afraid that I have swallowed a small piece of glass. There is a vague pain in my stomach. I ask my host to use their computer to google what to do if this has happened. Their crazy old computer is near impossible to use. I can’t get it to type correctly using any of the three keyboards connected to it. I ask my friend’s sister to help. She messes with the incredibly complicated 3D keyboard to no avail. A girl I know (from high school journalism?) trips over my keyboard cord as I work on the couch. She is all right. Her family is there and is very excited about Obama.

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