58 — Are You Ready?


From A.

I  dreamt last night I was in a room full  of people I did not know. six of them to be exact. And even with their wise faces, young and old I could feel the tension. Something was  off. something about me. And as i looked closer at the  faces of the strangers i saw they were those of native Americans. They were silent. Darting their eyes  around the  room at each other looking at me. I had nothing to say. I could not  speak at all. I just  tried to hide. I backed into a corner, the  room  was not that  big to begin with. they  could still  see me. I could see the door behind one of them, and i desperately  wished he would move just enough  for me to spring forward, open it and escape forever. but this gray room was stifling me. one of them finally walked up to me and spoke three words, ” Are you ready?”  

Ready? what was I supposed to be  ready for? To leave? Die? I felt my body shake as i pulled myself up from the floor I was apparently sitting on. I stood in the center of the gray room where a small  circle had been drawn. I stepped into the center of the circle and the room began to spin ever so slightly… 
As it spun a  second door  appeared  in the room. It was  different than the steel door that mirrored it. This one was made of colorful wood and gold. And as I looked around at the strangers they no longer  looked as though they were going to hurt me. They were smiling, almost laughing. The room slowed to a stop and I steadied myself. I stared at the newly  conjured door. It looked  familiar to me. Once again the Native Americans fell  silent, but with softer  faces this time. Two of them stepped  towards me and told me  to stand back. I was  now in view of both doors at once. Each of them grabbed a door  handle and on a  silent count of  three, opened them  simultaneously… 
What happened was spectacular. 
An instant breath of Light and color burst into the gray room. The steel door had opened to a breathtaking mountain range. I stood high above clouds and birds. And we were not  standing still. the door, the  room….we were flying over this mountain range. I turned on my heel  and  faced yet another breath-taking image. The colorful  door that had appeared had  brought with it the island that to me represents all of heaven itself. Martha’s Vineyard. We sailed over the towns and around the cliffs, I watched the waves  crash at  south beach and the plovers scurry over bend in the road. I saw the sunset, the sunrise, I tasted the salty air of  perfection. When I finally looked  away from this door, the strangers were  gone. already  having made their choice. They chose the mountains, rugged and everlasting. So now, it was my turn. This is what the wise native had meant. Was I ready to choose? Which heaven did i want? I knew with great certainty which door I wanted. I stood once again where I could see  both doors. The wind whipped  my hair, from which heaven I do not know. I had never thought as heaven as a choice, nor had I thought myself dead at this moment. I stepped  toward my colorful heavenly door and looked  out  upon ALL I saw in this world to be  beautiful. And without question or hesitation, I stepped out of the door, and began to fly.

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