52 — What To Do If You Swallow Glass


From J.

I’m at a party hosted by the family of one of my friends . My friend is the son and he has a sister. I am drinking out of a glass. I drop it down in the sink and pick it back up and drink out of it. I realize that part of the top of the glass is broken. I realize that I have some glass in my mouth and I pull out a large sliver. I swallow and am afraid that I have swallowed a small piece of glass. There is a vague pain in my stomach. I ask my host to use their computer to google what to do if this has happened. Their crazy old computer is near impossible to use. I can’t get it to type correctly using any of the three keyboards connected to it. I ask my friend’s sister to help. She messes with the incredibly complicated 3D keyboard to no avail. A girl I know (from high school journalism?) trips over my keyboard cord as I work on the couch. She is all right. Her family is there and is very excited about Obama.

I am in China with Jon. We are sitting at a long table with many other students. The instructor tells the chinese girls that are there with us not to be shy and to sit next to Americans. As I leave I get out my cell phone and want to text ChaCha (the text message answer service) about the glass I might have swallowed (I’m still worried about it). I’m using a crazy Chinese phone and it is hard to operate. I end up trying to call Jacquie to ask her about the glass.

I am at home in my pre-remodel kitchen. My Mom is sitting at the bar and my Dad is next to me. I am talking to them when I realize I am dreaming and become Lucid. I tell them I am dreaming and they agree with me. I am relieved that I haven’t actually swallowed glass. Suddenly there are two of my Dad. One on a bar stool and one by the fridge. I point it out to him and he denies it. I am vaguely creeped out by my Dad for some reason. I play with the light switches and find that I CAN change light levels though they change strangely and I can’t turn them all off. When I turn some off them off my mom suddenly looks odd in silhouette; kind of like a youngish thin-haired man. I am weirded out so I turn them all back on. I decide to try manipulating some object like we talked about in Buddhism class. I touch the front of my old fridge and it feels solid. Then I focus on the fact that it is a dream object and I smush my hand right through it. It feels sort of like cool bread dough. I find that I can also liquify objects by focusing on the fact that they’re not physically there. I show my Dad that I can take a glass full of milk and turn the glass itself to liquid, at which point it splats on the floor. I look up at our sky lights and realize that i can pass through those two. I try to fly upwards towards them. That’s the last I remember.


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