44 — Tyra Banks is Afraid of Dolphins

victoria-secret-swimsuit-editionFrom S.

I had a dream a while back, where me and three girls that I knew were walking to a park by our lake in my hometown. As we got closer the scenery changed there were mountains behind the lake and pictures popping up in the sky. Two of the girls left and me and the other girl started taking pictures of ourselves by the palm trees. Side note… we don’t have palm trees where I live. Anyways then I looked at the lake and there was a white dolphin in the water. I tried to pet it but it swam away into a boat house. So I go in the boat house and try to pet it again and it swims outside the boat house and climbs up the side. I walk out of the boat house and the dolphin popped around the corner and it was Tyra Banks. I had this dream last year sometimes.


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