37, 38, 39, 40, 41 — 5 Short Dreams (Valentines Day Comes Early at YDJ)

From M.  

i dreamt that the boy i am infatuated with told me he loved me. he missed me. and that he would wait for me.

i hate reality.


From G.  

I dreamt that I waited for you outside your dorm room; still playing the waiting game with you even in my dreams. You saw me numerous times, but you completely ignored me and instead let “him” in as soon as you saw “him”. I dreamt I became a mere “second-class” friend when, not too long ago, I was once your one and only love.


From L.  

I don’t dream.  I never have.  Or if I do I don’t remember.  This website makes me feel defective. 


From C.

It’s valentines day.  I’m alone again and I’m cutting out construction paper hearts and taping them to all over my genitals.   


From G.

I dreamed about you dreaming about me.  

Goodnight.  Goodnight.  Goodnight.



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