35 — Lava Sidewalk

ja_1941From J.  I dreamed that my two brothers,my dad, and I were leaving my grandmother’s house. Only instead of a sidewalk, it was a elevated walkway that snaked back and forth above what appeared to be lava. My brothers and I walked in a single file line holding the backs of each others shirts. My brother in front of me walked off the edge and the brother behind me and I fell, as I was still holding the fallen one’s shirt. But I knew I couldn’t pull him up without pulling all of us down. So I let him go.

When I went to tell my dad, he said, “It’s OK, we’ll just go get him.” So we went to the spot where he had fallen and my dad jumped down and told me to follow. I lowered myself down, but was too scared to let go of the edge. At the end of my dream, I finally let go and it turned out I could stand and was just in a dark room.


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