28 — The Giver

The only thing I remember was that I was running around a mall. A gray mall, either that or it was an office building. All the kids at my school (highschool) was there. Even some tourists and businessmens. I was running to the other side of the building when the light there, automatically shut off and the words WARNING SOMEONE STEPPED ON LINE appeared. I was like, ‘what line’? I ran back embarassed. But the people around me, didn’t seem to notice.

All of a sudden, I saw a scary man. The words that registered in my mind when I saw him was “monster”. I went down a flight of stairs, hoping to escape from the man. When going down the stairs, I stopped seeing the man yet again, but this time, he was walking up the stairs. I stood there, petrified. I heard him mumble, ” Now who am I going to scare next?” Just then he looked up in time to see me and a hideous grin appeared on his face, ” I guess you’re my next victim.” I pushed him away when he got near me and ran down the stairs that the man had took seconds before. I stopped for a breath, suddenly clapping was heard. I looked up to see an old man there, smiling at me. For some odd reason, I found myself walking towards him. He grabbed me and pushed me against the car. My mind raced at the thought of being raped but he didn’t.

People were suddenly exiting the gray building and a familiar voice of my friend was heard. To conceal myself, I took one of the old man’s hands and covered my face with it. I peeked through wrinkled fingers to see yet another friend of mine passing by me. She looked over at me and just when I thought she had disappeared, she appeared next to me on the car.


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