27 — 451289


a_day_in_the_parkFrom J.  It was a nice cool afternoon that day at my house in North Carolina, so I decided to go for a stroll down the nature trail that runs behind my house. I usually used my power wheelchair but that day I felt like getting a little exercise so I hopped in my manual wheelchair, grabbed my coat, and left my house. I started down the nature trail, going as slow as possible so I could just admire the flowers and bask in the tranquility and the peace of mind that nature brings to me. As I’m rolling along I see the grass move.

At first I thought, “Uh oh,” but then I realized whatever it was it wasn’t running toward me, it was running away from me, so I decided to follow it. After following what turned out to be a cute little bunny for a little while, we came into a clearing and the bunny ran away. In that clearing was a fire pit with a hog cooking on top of it. “That’s interesting,” I thought and went in for a closer look. Behind the fire pit was this opening of some sort. I wanted to investigate more but by this time it was getting dark so I left and found my way back home. I planned to investigate further in the morning.
Early the next morning I got ready and got in my manual wheelchair and started off down the nature trail. When I got to the place where the tracks of my wheelchair stared to veer off the trail I followed them trying to find that clearing again. I had just gotten to the clearing and it started to pour. I hurried up and went into the opening that I had found the day before to get out of the rain. I am covered but I’m still getting wet because the wind is blowing the rain in. Soon this man comes out and beckons me to follow him and since I’m cold and wet I decide to follow him. As I follow him through the winding hallways of this cave I observed him. He was average height, kind of chubby with dark brown hair and eyes. He was wearing only a white loin cloth diaper thing like I saw Gandhi wear in all the historic pictures. “He must be some sort of servant”, I thought The hallways soon open up into a big cave with a bunch of other hallways coming off of it. In the middle of the cave stood a raised wooden platform. On this platform sat a man and a women. I soon inferred that this man was the king and the women was his wife the queen because they were dressed in fancier clothes than the rest of the people. As I looked around the room, I observed that the men were all dressed in green shirts and brown pants. I also noticed that there were no children and besides the queen and I there were no women. Before I could ponder these observations the king and queen stood up and welcomed me to their kingdom and offered me a drink of some sort. I was quite thirsty so I took it and drank it.
The next thing I remember is waking up lying on a bed in a room. It was a nice room. The walls were painted red and there were blue curtains on the windows. The bed had red, white and blue satin sheets and it was quite comfortable. There was a bathroom complete with a toilet, a sink and a shower in the corner. I see my clothes hanging over a chair drying and look down to see what I was wearing. I soon discover I am wearing a simple purple cotton dress. I continue to look around the room and I notice that my wheelchair is gone. Panicking a little I crawl over to the door and try the handle. It’s locked from the outside. I’m trapped! I go get back on the bed to sit there and think about what to do next. I sit there thinking for what seems like hours before one of the servants brings me some food. I eat it because I hadn’t eating since breakfast that morning. It was pretty good. It tasted like venison stew, but I’m not sure what it was.
A day or two goes by and the only person I see is the servant that brings me my food, clean clothes, and a few books to read. I tried to find out why I was being held captive, but the servant didn’t seem to know much English. On the third day these two men, who I came to call Tom and Jerry come in and bring me my wheelchair and take me to this white room with a tattoo gun in it. They proceed to tell me the king wanted me marked and use purple ink to mark me with haself 451289. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. After that Tom and Jerry take me to this other man who I came to call Beaker. Apparently, unannounced to the king, Beaker had modified my chair so that it could climb up and down stairs. Beaker told me that they plan on helping me escape because they knew what the kings plans were although they didn’t tell me. We proceeded to sneak around the kingdom going up and down stairs and through winding hallways. We were one staircase away from the escape working perfectly when we ran into the king and queen and a bunch of guards. In order to save their own lives, Beaker, Tom, and Jerry acted like they were trying to catch me the whole time. Someone then hit me over the head and I blacked out.
When I woke up I was in a very dark room with only one window I am lying on a bed that is as hard as a rock with sheets that felt like paper. My wheelchair is once again absent from the room. I tried to get up, only to discover that I was tied to the bed. I thought I was going to die and started to cry. Every once and a while a servant came in and untied me so I could go to the bathroom, but they always tied me back up. They came three times a day with my meals, which always made me fall asleep after I ate them. This went on for days and days. I didn’t get it. I couldn’t understand why they were keeping me alive. Finally the king came to see me. He told me that since the his wife was the only woman in the kingdom that they needed for someone to be the mother of all the other men’s children so the kingdom would continue forever because the men’s girls and boys could eventually marry each other and continue breeding. I was shocked at this and started to protest, so they gagged me until the king left.
Over the next few weeks one man from the kingdom would come each day and rape me. In the beginning I would scream and so they started gagging me every time, but I soon gave up struggling because I realized that as long they needed me to do this for them they would keep me alive. Soon I became pregnant and they moved me back to the red room with the blue curtains and gave me my wheelchair to use in the room so I could move around. However, I was still locked in the room. Nine months later I gave birth to a little girl. I got to keep her for a week before they gave her to one of the men to raise. I was hard to have her literally ripped from my arms. I fought so hard to keep her that four guards had to hold me down while they took her away. I was so distraught after they took her away that I wouldn’t eat. The king finally ordered Tom and Jerry to drug me enough that the servants could force-feed me. This went on for two months before I finally accepted the miserable reality of my existence. Three months after Victoria (that’s what I had named her) was taken from me the whole process started again. I became immune to feeling the rape and was able to ignore it, but I never learned to cope with the babies always being taken from me.
After the third baby, (who I had named William) had been taken from me, I was so close to having a mental breakdown that, Tom and Jerry got permission from the king to move me to the “hospital” room so they could watch over me 24/7. I was in the hospital room for a week before Tom and Jerry came to me with another escape plan. The next day, Tom and Jerry managed to sneak me out of the kingdom. When I got outside I got half way across the clearing and the guards spotted me. Thank goodness Beaker had made further modifications to my wheelchair. I pushed the little red button and rocket boosters popped out the back and sent me speeding down the trail. When I knew I was a safe distance away from the guards, I deactivated the rocket boosters and proceeded to my house.
When I got there, my house was a mess. It had been looted and everything was gone except all the bills that were on the floor. (I didn’t have a mailbox. I had one of those slots in the front door). The electricity had been turned off, so I picked up one of the bills and read it. It was then that I realized I had been gone almost five years. “There’s no way I could reenter normal society, I thought, “Even if I went to the police they would never believe me. What am I going to do?” Then it occurred to me. I only had one option. I had to return to the kingdom. At least there I was clothed and fed and knew that I would be alive as long as I kept getting pregnant. My mind made up, I slept soundly that night and the next morning headed back to the kingdom. The king was mad at me for escaping, but he was not that harsh since I came back on my own. The process was eventually modified and gave me six months between births and trying to get pregnant again. They even let me keep one of the little girls I gave birth to and I named her Ruby. This process soon became normal to me and I was allowed to wander around the kingdom because they knew I wasn’t going to run away.
It has been many years now since all of this has taken place. I am writing this on my death bed. Even after I couldn’t have kids anymore the king let me live in the kingdom and watch over all of the kids and see them grow up. Now that I am finished writing this, I am going to have one of the servants take it back to my house and leave it there in hopes that someone might find it someday and the world will one day know my story.


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