25 – The Yellow Haired Girl


From M.


Johannes Kahrs

Johannes Kahrs

I had a dream where I was in the forest, there I found a yellow haired girl (not blond, but really bright yellow hair). She walked up to me and held my hand and began prancing about and pulling me with her. We somehow ended out of the forest and into an area, where I believe it was a school. I saw one of my classmates (in real life) there glaring at me, angry that I had somehow found a friend. He walked past me and into the forest with a couple of his fangirls.


The girl and I continued walking when we came upon “sensei” and bowed in respect. Suddenly girls came flocking towards our sensei and gathering around him. We continued over to a building where I saw my brother trying to put his bag in one of the classrooms. But one of the white guy in suits stopped him, ” Didn’t I say you can’t go in there?!” I felt so bad when my brother looked shaken up so I retorted, ” Shut up, you f–!” as the white guy left. I then heard my father yelling at me, saying, ” You can’t tell him to shut up!”


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