18 — Spiders on the Carpet


From J.


Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte

(Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte)

I was downstairs  reviewing some newly arrived books. One was by Julia Roberts. I found that a little odd. My earphones and mp3 were being charged and they came a burst in flames. They then extinguished and no marks were left. Then as I continued to review books they burst a flames once more. This time the fire was more intense. 

I then left the living room and headed to my room and decided the clean the huge mound of paper tissues that littered my corner. I looked for a garbage and I found none but suddenly one appeared. It was black and circular. 

As I am filling my garbage I noticed the window because of the howling, screeching wind. I then decided to close it and do the same in the office next to my room.  

spider-house-on-carpet-in-london-england-closeup-6-dhd2In the office the upper half of the window was covered with dark hairy spiders of around 1 inches each. I rolled quickly to the window and close the window in a shift movement. I rolled back on this time I made the floor vibrate. 

I return to my room feeling disturbed by the number of spiders I saw. I looked for a towel. I turned on the lights and saw 3 spider coming in by the slit of my bed room door.

I POUNCE on them squishing them with some type of rectangular object. Then the carpet rips open because of the blunt force of my object.


Small and medium sized spiders flow out of the carpet as if they were a powerful ocean tide. They were everywhere on my walls furniture bed. My room was enveloped and became dark. I freaked out, but I feared for my grand mother who was up stairs. 


I sprinted by her and my sister. I saw my mother who was sleeping. I woke her up and I told her. She awoke to her screaming astonishment and swiped a three spiders off her chest and arm.


I ran back to the kitchen I offered to pick up my grand mother.  Now the spiders are thinly spread. A dog is eating the majority of them. 


Then all fades away.  I then only see small mounds of rocks closely resembling ant hills. My mother comes out of the hallway the spiders return and we made our way out of the house.


I then see or over hear a couple at a restaurant and the guys ” Is the person going to have to start everything over or just the end?’


The woman answers,” No, he will have to start over.”


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