6 — The Governess

From P:


This is a dream from a while back but I’ve had it a few times over the years. I first had it around the age of fifteen and it was so real and so terrifying that I literally couldn’t sleep for days afterwards. I’ve had it off on and on over the years, always the same format and always the same terror on waking…



I am starting a new job. It is as a governess of some sort in a big old house in the middle of nowhere. I am sitting by the fire talking to an old lady who is the housekeeper. It is my first night in the house and she tells me to be very careful not to annoy the master. I expalin that I doubt I will see him as I am here to tutor  the little boy. We sit talking and she is rocking in her rocking chair.

Then there is a horrible screaming/roaring noise and she says very calmly “That will be the master, he has an awful temper, perhaps you’d better run now”.


I am confused and stand up and face the door to the hallway. The door bursts open and I am confronted by a horrible beast which I know instantly to be the devil. He is still shouting, and I am paralysed by the sense of utter evil. I wake up convinced that I am about to die.


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